Massage by Using Quality Massage Oils

14A good massage, whether remedial, Swedish or hot stone, can do wonders to invigorate the body and soul. To make a massage even better, a number of luxury massage oil blends can be purchased from online stores that sell beauty products and supplies. These can go a long way toward turning a good rub down into a great one.

A good rub down will relax you, heal you and even increase your sensuality. A Swedish massage rub is one that is done by strong hands to relax and loosen up the muscles through extended, fluid strokes. A remedial rub down focuses on the healing of overused or injured muscles, ligaments and tendons. A deep rub down after warming the muscles with hot stones can arouse the senses with the use of aromatic oils that are said to have their own healing and relaxation properties.

Luxury oil blends can help to loosen and warm the muscles, as well as make the rub down easier for the person performing it by providing more friction or more slickness. Various techniques require different amounts of resistance. For example, a deep massage, like a remedial one, will require a lot of resistance to get a better grasp on the muscles to work them. A Swedish one may required more slippage for making the long strokes.

Shea butter and cocoa butter are examples of heavy oils. They are normally mixed with something a little lighter to make them easier to work with. Some medium oils are grape seed and almond oils. Lighter oils include coconut oil and sunflower oil. Any of these can be mixed together to get just the right amount of friction or slickness.

Most of these oils have aromatic fragrances that can relax the mind to help reduce stress. They may also offer healing for some ailments through aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the use of the fragrances of herbs, flowers and other plant life to affect the senses, altar the mood and promote health though inhalation and application of the oils to the skin.

A store that sells beauty products will usually sell luxury massage oil blends that have different fragrances from the oils of spices, flowers, nuts and other plants. Examples of these aromas include lemon oil for stress relief, peppermint for carpal tunnel syndrome, and marjoram as an anti-inflammatory.

A loving couple might enjoy starting a passionate evening by giving each other a rub down with a luxurious oil blend. A romantic fragrance can stimulate the senses to arouse playfulness in one another. The heat produce by some oils can create a warm sensation on any part of the body. The act of rubbing hands on each other’s oily body can make for great foreplay.

Oils make good gifts for husbands, wives, girlfriends and boyfriends. They are also excellent for newlyweds and those celebrating anniversaries. They are a good way to get the ball rolling or to put the excitement back into a relationship.

If getting a good massage with fine, luxury massage oil blends appeals to you, you should visit an online store that specializes in oils and beauty products. After that, all you have to do is find someone to give you a massage.