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Silver Emporium Pure 999 Silver Bar (100 Grams)

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Product Description

silver emporium private limitedsilver emporium private limited

How to Store Silver










Silver sulfide or tarnish develops when silver comes in contact with sulfur present in the air and water. Residual moisture can result in further discolouration of silver. So to avoid tarnish from developing on silver before storing it you must:


· Clean your silver articles with a mild liquid detergent

· Wipe it dry completely with a lint-free or soft cotton cloth.


There are multiple ways in which you can store silver. Pick any of the following options and remember to wrap each item separately.

· Use a Tissue paper, butter paper or an acid-free paper to wrap the articles

· Muslin cloth or an old cotton rag is also another popular choice.

Remember to never store silver wrapped in a newspaper. The acids or ink from the newspaper can damage, pit and corrode silver.


Silver is a soft metal, so if a lot of articles are cramped together in a tight space, it can lead to scratches and dents. So store them in such a way that they don’t rub and damage each other. In places with high humidity, moisture in the air can lead to dark patches on your silver. To avoid this you can simply store all your silver articles in an airtight box.


Another quick hack that one can follow while storing silver is the use of chalk or silica gel bags. Chalk and silica are known to absorb moisture. If storing your silver articles in an airtight container is not an option, then wrap your article in a cling film and then place a few pieces of chalk wrapped in some cotton or a few tiny silica gel bags along with it. This will help absorb excess moisture build-up, hence protecting your silver against tarnishing.

Why, Where And How Of Buying Silver?

Investing in silver can be a daunting process, so Silver Emporium has put together a guide that answers the why, where and how of Silver investments.



Buying precious metal is seen as protection against inflation, market crashes, and government seizures. Precious metals never lose their value over the long term; they don’t expire or degrade and hence are a great alternative for a secure asset. Silver has proven to be a great investment option as it has attained a steady acceleration in growth over time.



Be it silver or gold; prefer buying it from a known family jeweller. If you don’t have a known establishment around you, then go for stores that have strong goodwill and reputation.

silver hallmarkingsilver hallmarking


Check purity against claims made by the retailer by looking for these four stamps that indicate purity.

Always insist on a tax invoice, this safeguards your purchase further.

Dimensions: 2.8 x 1.4 x 0.2cm
Weight: 100g, Weight tolerance – 0.08% to 0.20%
This product is made of Pure 999 Silver. Purity tolerance- 0.01% to 0.02%
All the Coins/ Bars are BIS hallmarked. Hallmark on the Coins/Bars states “990” instead of 999, this is according to BIS Standards

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